Our products are hand made from natural, full grain vegetable tanned leather. This leather will have marks and scratches that have occurred naturally and are all part of the charm. These will have been made before the tanning process and will not impact the longevity of your item at all. If anything we think they add character.  
This means that every product is slightly unique and will wear differently depending on use.

We love that.

Specially choosing leather that will only get better with age. All of our items will age with you, getting darker and more supple with time. Developing a patina on areas that are handled and exposed most. Our leathers will scratch and mark, no two items will be the same after a few weeks use, taking on personalities of their own. 
From time to time you will need to clean and care for your item, the best option for this is to take it to a leather goods repair shop or ask for product advice at a local drugstore about cleaners and nourishers.